March is National Nutrition Month and Dietitians of Canada (DC), the dietitian national regulatory body, puts forward a theme to spark the interest of Canadians. This year the theme is Take the fight out of food! When I heard this theme, I thought, yeah it’s true, most of us fight with food daily, multiple times a day… and when you think about it, that’s sad, isn’t it?

Food is meant to nourish, and energize all while being a source of enjoyment, and satisfaction, not frustration and confusion. Why is it so sad? Well, I can honestly say, a majority of people I know or meet, food brings them stress, grief, anger and dissatisfaction. But the problem is, we must to eat to survive! So we as people, need to figure out our fight with food and get it straight, so that we can lead fulfilled, vigiourus lives without these huge cloud over our heads.

What’s my relationship with food? People always seem so curious as to how a dietitian eats, and thinks about food. But before I was a dietitian, I just ate food, without thinking much about it. That’s not entirely true….food has always been a huge part of my like, so no surprise I chose this career path. But my relationship with food, as with most people, starts at a young age. Growing up on a farm, I connected more with where food came from, and my mom was an excellent cook, so I ate, and ate as much as I wanted and whatever I wanted, a variety of food. As I became older and more educated, food had more meaning, more purpose, I ate foods that made me feel good and made me feel healthy, and I didn’t eat any one food excessively (unless it’s peanut butter, still a food fight of mine!), nor did I avoid any foods. Today, I eat with joy, and satisfaction, I choose meals that are fulfilling and nourishing but most importantly delicious. I also have a passion for succulent, indulgent foods and desserts, and I never ever restrict myself from enjoying luxuriously rich meals…I just don’t eat them every day, period. And it’s what you do everyday that counts….

So get help with your own food fight, so that eating for you can also be joyful and satisfying. Here’s what DC suggests to do to Take the fight out of food, and I think it’s a great approach.

1. Spot the problem. What is causing your fight with food? Is it figuring out the best foods to buy? How to prepare them? How to serve them to your family? Are you managing a condition like diabetes? Trying to achieve certain health and wellness targets? Pick your battle.

2. Get the facts. Don’t just Google Search everything, actually get facts from credible sources, like dietitians! Outdated information or opinion that is not based on evidence will cause further confusion, only making your fight with food greater.

3. Seek Support. Support to put your plan into action. Get the support from your family and friends, a health professional, like a dietitian and commit to your plan, and trust that you have what it takes to end one of your foods fights.





The Struggle is real:

Take the Fight out of Food

by Jessica Wylychenko


Food fighhht!!! Now that sounds like fun! But really, I’m not talking about the food fights we would have as kids at a family BBQ or summer camp, throwing mac n’ cheese at each other.


I’m talking about the real struggle with food that most people encounter every day. As a dietitian, working with clients or just observing human kind in various eating environments, I realize most people, when they eat, just sit down and hope for the best. Eating “healthy” for most people is a shot in the dark. So let me enlighten you.


January 8, 2018

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Jessica Wylychenko, RD