Are you getting enough? By Marc Lavallée

The question being, are you getting enough fruits and vegetables in your diet? For this article I will be using myself as an example using the Canada Food Guide. The Food Guide states that I should be consuming fourteen servings of fruits and vegetables per day due to my size and activity level. One serving is a half-cup and that makes up seven full cups of fruits and vegetables, which basically sounds like a full grocery basket. Through this article I want to share some tips and hacks that will help you incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet.



There is a heavy importance to making sure we are getting enough fruits and vegetables, which contain disease-fighting nutrients. Eating the recommended amount has been linked to living a healthier life, functioning better, ridding off colds and diseases. Through a diet rich in fruits and vegetables you ensure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals so your body functions properly at 100%. A deficit in any one of the micronutrients contained within fruits and vegetables can cause your body to not function at its full potential.  Lots of the people I train with are either athletes or military members and making sure they are functioning at 100% is very crucial to their success in sport or on the field.


A tip I generally recommend is incorporating some raw vegetables into your snacks between meals. Simply adding baby carrots, pre cut broccoli or cauliflower are a simple addition to pack into your bag. Another hack is to make smoothies for either breakfast, postworkout or for snacks to easily fit in more fruits and vegetables. My last suggestion is to make soups and the ones I make are generally pureed loaded with vegetables. Making smoothies and soups are especially helpful for those who don’t necessarily like the taste of some fruits or vegetables because you can very easily mask those tastes by adding different flavors by incorporating different ingredients. There are also many supplement companies who have powdered green products, which can very easily be added into smoothies for an extra punch of antioxidants. Here are a few products I would recommend: Greens+, Defranco’s Clean Greens, and Green Superfood.


If the above suggestions are still difficult for you to incorporate into your lifestyle my final recommendation is to add a high quality multi-vitamin. Adding a multi-vitamin aids in reaching your daily requirement of vitamins and minerals you would be lacking otherwise due to poor nutrition habits. When it comes to multi-vitamins, it is important to choose a capsulated vitamin over a hard packed tablet. The reason being is that a capsulated form is much easier to digest and to absorb into your body compared to a hard packed tablet. If unsure as to exactly which multi-vitamin would best suit your needs, a multi that I would recommend would be: 1st Phorm M-factor Hero for men and Goddess for women.

Hopefully, some of these suggestions will help you improve your own diet by sneaking in more fruits and vegetables. Nutrition is always the first step I take with my clients, athletes and military members before we dabble into anything further such as sports supplementation. Once this is dialed in along with proper hydration we can look into further options to help you reach your potential!


Marc Lavallée is a strength coach and fitness professional and also the owner of



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