The foundation of health by Jordan Ceciewa

If you think about building a house, apartment building, or better yet a massive castle. What’s the most import thing?



If you said a solid foundation, you’d be thinking along the same lines as me. That solid base is critical to a structure that stands the tests of time. It’s the same for the human body. Your foundation determines your health.


What is the foundation of a human though? That may cause a lot of arguments, so for the sake of this article, let’s assume we all agree it’s the CELL. You know, that single unit of life that builds everything in the body. If you look at the cardiovascular system, it’s made up of organs a system of blood vessels. Those are made up of cells. It’s the same with the digestive system, the neural system, everything in the builds up from cells to organs to systems.

It would be critical then that we care for ourselves at a cellular level. It’s the foundation, it is our base.


Believe it or not, the food we eat is the most critical part of the production of our cells. It’s like building anything else, if you don’t have the right raw material, you can’t finish the job or build properly. Too many of us go through life eating for taste, and we miss out giving our body the nutrients it needs to care for our cells.


To make matters worse, our body only reports problems once the system fails. Ask anyone who had a heart attack. If they had the heart attack on a Thursday, they probably had no idea even on the Wednesday that they were in that much trouble. The cells had been having issues for months or years, same with the organs.  It wasn’t until the system shut down that the person registered a problem.


Many of our preventable diseases are break downs in the system that can be stopped by taking care of the body, and treating the cells. If we viewed both food and exercise as preventative medical treatments, many of us would add years of quality living to our lives.

If this article gets  you to understand one thing, let it be this. Your body needs you to build a solid base in order to be healthy. If you are not eating local, healthy, delicious food, you are robbing your body of the chance to build healthy cells. That will not catch up with you for years, you will feel healthy all your life and depending on your genetics, you may even feel energetic and never get “sick”. At some point, it will catch up with you. Your cells will fail to reproduce properly, the organs will show signs of early failure and then the entire system will have problems.


All you have to do to prevent this is understand activity and real food build healthy cells. Tune in to “The Main Ingredient” to find places to buy local and experience rich dining experiences. Healthy is tasty. A myth started years ago that healthy food is just salads. Eating healthy means eating a full compliment of foods, but ensuring freshness and serving size are in order. Add to that some local spots to be active, not just gyms, but outdoor parks, hiking trails, and anything that gets the body moving. Going to the art gallery and walking around gets the body moving, that’s what you need to do. You need to do anything but sit and eat junk food for hours every day.


Make every day count, build a base so your body can function. Make it your goal to be fit enough to make memories!






Jordan Ceciewa 





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