The evolution of a chef

Some people find a passion for the culinary arts after years of trying many things. Some cook at home and find their love for it eclipses everything else. For Mackenzie Ferguson he knew its something he always wanted to do. 


He has been cooking since he was 15 and started in high school at Kildonan East Collegiate under chef Raymond Czykabeen.

With Chef Raymond's encouragement Mackenzie started competing culinary competitions starting with the culinary salon which is a cold food competition, as well as skills Manitoba. 


While in school he competed in skills Manitoba in 2008 and 2009. In 2008 he placed third and in 2009 Mackenzie got gold and went onto nationals in PEI where he placed third. After graduating from high school he did the apprenticeship program while studying under chef Stephen Zinn at Pine Ridge golf and country club and received his Red Seal in 2011. He currently is working at St. Charles Country Club under the supervision of Chef Takashi Murakami and with his guidance and training Mackenzie started to practice and compete in the chaine competitions.


He first competed 2014 and placed first regionally but didn't medal at nationals. In 2015 found more success and won the regional as well as the nationals which brought him to England. The training process for these competitions is quite difficult and meant going into work at 6:30am, setting up the kitchen and then starting the trial at 7:00am which would last till 11:00am. The supervising chef and sous chef would taste and critique his meals and give him feed back. Once in a while chef Takashi would bring in other chefs from around the city to critique his food in order to get some different feed back and different ideas on how to utilize the products. After the feed back he would clean up and start would start his work shift.


I think he's once to watch and I'm sure we'll hear his name more as the years go by. I'll keep you posted.





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